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Director's Statement
Director. Filmmaker. Photographer. 

Sam Daniel is a film maker and Theatre Director of Iranian origin who has been living in London since 2007.

In 1996, he studied acting at the Los Angeles Acting School, who performed and directed numerous plays in the US Scene.

In 2009, after spending some time as an Entrepreneur in the property business Sam decided to return to Arts and specifically making and directing films and plays which is his real love.

Love Is Everything


Short Film
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London 1985, Tom is devoted to his music. Sarah devoted to her painting. They are devoted to each other.Taking place over a two day period in London 1985, DEVOTED is a short drama exploring art, exploring life, and the transcendence of young love over everything their world has to offer.Then news arrives that will challenge everything they live for, and test the strength of that love and all they believe. Change soon takes them on an unpredictable journey. 

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